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Tour of Mont-Blanc
6 days trek

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WDT Community Manager, September 05, 2018

From August 26th to 31th, a team of type1 diabetics gathered to live a beautiful human and sporting adventure around the Mont Blanc.

Our "Tour du Mont-Blanc"

There are several ways to do the Tour du Mont-Blanc: in terms of days, kilometers, height differences. This year, we chose to do it in 6 days, and to do it in the clockwise direction .

    We crossed 3 countries, each offering different scenaries of the Mont-Blanc massif
  • The Swiss slope at the gentle valleys,
  • The Italian slope and its large rock faces,
  • The French side where immense glaciers flow.

In total, 104 kms done and more than 7000 meters up ! Beautiful and long days of hiking ; we have chained climbs, passes and descents in the middle of amazing landscapes!

Tour du Mont-Blanc 6 jours de trek
Col de la Seigne - Italie

Our diabetic #Adventure Team

A 100% type1 diabetic team was accompanied by an experienced doctor and a mountain guide from Chamonix. The objective of our #AdventureTeam program is to connect through a sport challenge people who live with type1 diabetes. Living together over several days a sporting and human experience ; sharing wonderful moments, talking about diabetes, but not only ... Learn from yourself and others, deal with the same challenges ... But, Life still beautiful and we must move forward ! Together, anything is possible !


Thank you for sharing your experience, thank you for restoring my confidence, thank you for giving me the taste of sport, thank you for making me feel" normal "during a week for the first time in 5 years, thank you for your team spirit and your support, your kindness. Thanks to you I experienced one of my most beautiful human experiences.


... has an insulin implanted pump for a year. Julie has taken up this challenge of doing the Tour Du Mont-Blanc with her implanted pump ... And she made it well ! Congratulations to her ! For more info on this system, Julie holds a FaceBook page (french): No of a Pump


Claire has already done the Tour du Mont-Blanc, but it was before being diagnosed Type1. For her, her challenge was to do it again ! Claire is a Chef, she organizes cooking classes where she lives (Lyon - France). Her website: Claire's pastry shop


"I had an unforgettable experience . Everything was great and awesome: the atmosphere, the scenaries, the weather, the peer support, the friendship ... our laughs! We never left our Diabetes win ! "


"I spent an unforgettable week and will remain engraved forever." In his high school, Shemsi is in a "Sports & Nature" section and showw that anything is possible even when you are a teenager!

Anne Laure

"I've had a great week, and seeing us share hypos, hypers, catheter changes, laughs.. I think we can have diabetes ... and be happy !"

Diabetes & Trek

Like any physical activity, it is really important to anticipate it, to write what we do (blood glucose, insulin doses, carbohydrates consumed, exercice's intensity and duration) to understand, learn, and do "better" tomorrow This is the key to our Freedom Everyone has his tricks and tricks, but the main lines remain the same:

  • Basal reduction during exercise (with a temporary basal for those under insulin pump),
  • Bolus reduction (speacilally if we started our hike just after meal).
  • Thanks to the sensor (continuous blood glucose monitoring) we were able to anticipate hypo and hyper


On the 5th day of our trek, young type1 diabetics came to meet us. A really nice moment of sharing between two diabetics generations.
For more information about this local organization : AltiDIAB'74

Our partner

This program #AdventureTeam Tour du Mont-Blanc was organized by our organisation World Diabetes Tour (WDT) with a support from Medtronic France:

  • Financial support to reduce the cost / participant to make this adventure accessible to as many people as possible
  • Material support by providing blood glucose sensors and transmitters (Guardian Connect) for participants who wished. Continuous Glucose Monitoring is a valuable help in our daily life: serenity, security, knowledge

See you soon for new adventures !
Feel free to contact us: and to join us !!

"No matter what you decide to do today, make sure it makes you happy!"

The WDT association

Welcome on World Diabetes Tour (WDT) website, association 1901 created in 2008 by Delphine Arduini , type 1 diabetic.

WDT is an international community of patients with type 1 diabetes. WDT's mission is to connect, inspire and motivate Type 1 diabetics to live their lives to the full while controlling their diabetes. Of each and every experience we learn. And together, we are stronger!

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Programs T1D Challenge are organized by World Diabetes Tour with Sanofi Diabète as partner. Every year since 2013, a new sports challenge (trek of several days) brought together an international team of diabetics type 1 accompanied by an experienced medical staff.

T1D Challenge are human and sporting adventures whose mission is to inspire type 1 diabetics from all over the world.

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World Diabetes Tour offers several stays each year, Adventure Team, whether sporting or not, in France or at the other end of the world.

Living together a great sporting and human adventure, while learning from each other and from each experience to better manage his diabetes.

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