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La Boucle du Diabète - France

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Delphine, October 06, 2020

La Boucle du Diabète is organized every year by the Type1 Running Team organisation in Paris, France. And since, 2020 and COVID19, our event has been virtual in France and around the World !!
A great opportunity to meet people who live with diabetes, to inspire / be inspired, and to raise awarness towards Diabetes.

I do organize La Boucle du Diabète with my 2nd organization Type1 Running Team . Our team "Type1 Running Team" brings together around France more than one hundred runners & triathletes with type1 diabetes. I co-founded it in 2015 with a T1D friend, David Limousin .

La Boucle du Diabète, what is it ?

  • A great day event to run & walk, to meet, to share, to enjoy and to smile !!

  • Several races : 6H (relay or solo), kids, 5k (walking or running) and a 10k

  • Kids' village & diabetes organisations booth, brazilian music, zumba warm-ups, conferences...

  • Gifts for evryone : a chocolate medal and a buff La Boucle du Diabète

  • 100% of registrations and donations go to Research for Diabetes

  • An "After" La Boucle du Diabète at the end of this amazing and crazy day !

La Boucle du Diabète
100% DT1 - Type1 Running Team

Research for Diabetes

La Boucle Du Diabète | 2015

    This great adventure started on April 25, 2015.
  • 562 walkers & runners

  • € 1 200 donated to Diabetes Research

  • Project by Marc Diedisheim - Cochin Hospital - Paris: the Beta celle dedifferentiation.

La Boucle Du Diabète | 2016

    On April 23, 2016, we did it again!
  • Our 2nd edition brought together 1296 walkers & runners , and as many as smiles and chocolate medals !

  • € 10 256 to Diabetes Research

  • Project by Estelle Grasset & Rémy Burcelin - INSERM U1048 - Toulouse: the intestinal microbiota and autoimmunity

La Boucle Du Diabète | 2018

  • June 2, 2018: 3rd edition

  • € 14 000 collected !

  • Project by Elsa Heyman - University of Lille: Type 1 diabetes & running: what do we learn from T1D runners ? What are the different strategies and feedbacks?

La Boucle Du Diabète | 2019

  • June 8 2019: fourth !!

  • 15 280 €

  • Project by Bertrand Blondeau - INSERM UMR_S938 - Sorbonne University, Paris: "identification of signals inducing the formation of new pancreatic beta cells".

La Boucle Du Diabète | 2020

    Cause COVID-19, we canceled our event in Paris. But, we decided to keep our annual "Rendez-Vous" by organizing a virtual Boucle du Diabète .
  • 1200 people (registrations) in France and beyond our borders ( 25 countries !!) have woven a lovely 6957K blue wave !!

  • € 8 351 of donations (registration was free) to research! This precious amount has been added to the 2019 donations, and its project.

A big THANK YOU to all our partners without whom our Boucle du Diabète could not exist in that way. By creating this event, our wish was to bring people together, but we also wanted to contribue to Diabetes Research. Done : we are really happy !
A huge THANK YOU to all of you , walkers, runners,. Your smiles and you are precious and give us energy & positive emotions every year !
See you next june 2021 in Paris and everywhere in France & around the World to raise awarness towards Diabetes !!


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