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A comic "Living with Type1 Diabetes
To inspire & To raise awarness

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Delphine, November 14, 2019

This year, World Diabetes Day "celebrates" all Diabetics Women.

#MyLifeWithHim (My Life with Him)

A comic on My Life with my Diabetes in my backpack ?

With this comic, the goal is to show people what it's really like to "live with Type1 Diabetes", our daily challenge, our Ups & Downs, our victories. But also to inspire T1D community, show diabetics that anything is possible. To show how it is important to connect with our peers to move forward..

On November 14th, 1994, my Diabetes entered into my life.. It was the World Diabetes Day.
After 23 years, my Diabetes does not define me ... but every day he gives his "little personal touch". Somedays are more difficult than others, but he has also given to me the strengh to move on, to appreciate every moment, every victory. And on my way, I meet so many amazing people...

I would love to dedicate this comic to all of those who have helped me since the first day with their empathy, their smile, their joy. You are precious to me!
A huge thanks also to Sanofi Diabetes Team, and the script writer & illustrator for this lovely work !

Here is the link : A Comic on "Living with Type1 Diabetes".

"True happiness does not depend on any external thing, no being.
It depends only on us. "
Dalai Lama


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« True happiness does not depend on any being, any external object.
It depends only on us »

Dalaï Lama