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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

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Delphine, July 04, 2016

Our daily diabetic type1 (T1D) is punctuated by regular checks of our blood sugar. The more you do, the better! But it remains binding. The Measurement of Glucose Continuous (CGM) therefore provides information on glucose variations throughout the day.

Because what's happening between 2 glycemic control? This is blurring, the unknown. We do not know anything really. We may know that it is good for us and our health, regularly check his blood sugar that remains binding. The Measurement of Glucose Continuous (CGM) allows us to less bite us fingertips while giving us an overview of what is actually happening, and not just what we see when we glycemic control to a given time t. The curve of this continuous measurement shows variations in our blood glucose with our possible hyperglycemia and / or hypoglycemia.


    24/24 This connection allows us to learn about:

  • Our actual physiological needs. Whether you are diabetic or not, our insulin needs vary throughout the day. For example, between midnight and 4 in the morning ', our body is more sensitive to insulin; our needs are therefore lower.
  • The influence of food: some are more hyper glycemic others, the association of food also influences them.
  • The impact of a particular physical activity, because the side diabetes management is dependent sports.
  • The link between emotions (stress, for example) and blood sugar.


It thus becomes easier to better adjust our doses of insulin throughout the day according to our physiological needs, our desires, our lives.


Blood glucose fingerstick 110 mg / dl, very good for us DT1, but with two down arrows indicated by CMM drive: this is hypoglycemia ensured in the next 10 minutes. Thus, despite a "good blood sugar" we still resucre to prevent the wall of hypo and KO that goes with it! The Measurement of Glucose Continuous (CGM) allows anticipate glucose patterns.


Sometimes we do not feel great. But is it our low blood sugar? Too high ? Or just something else, because we are men & women first. By dint of blood glucose and diabetes galore want you in here, it can be painful to stop, even to control his blood sugar. The CGM is thus a "guard" who watches over us. I also think all parents of T1D lil tips: Instead of pricking their child at night to see if blood sugar is ok, then you just have a look on a curve.

SAFETY rhymes with SERENITY.

All systems of measurement Glucose Continuous (CGM) that exist today in the French market (the system MiniMed 640G Medtronic , the FreeStyle Royalty Abbott , the Dexcom CGM system G5 Mobile ) are valuable aids daily. Not yet repaid, unfortunately, but on track. The MiniMed 640G system Medtronic has obtained the HAS an ASA III confirming a "therapeutic value of the system" and a "benefit public health in view of the seriousness of complications caused by diabetes type1".

New in 2017: the K'Track Glucose watch CGM, won the award for best innovation at CES 2017 Las Vegas, the great mass of connected objects and innovation. For more info: K'Track Glucose watch CGM

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