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Exercices & Diabetes

Diabetes Trek Running Sport
WDT Community Manager, July 01, 2016

"Mens sana in corpore sano." A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Managing our blood sugar control is a daily challenge. Sports only increases the challenge. Sometimes it would be much easier to sit on the sofa! Yet sports, excel is important, too, for us diabetics. Some by moving up on Olympic podiums or completing sporting challenges show us that anything is possible despite our diabetes. And do not forget: "to each his Everest!" The key is to have fun while controlling our fellow traveler!

Questions to ask before any sporting activity

  • Which sport ?
  • How long?
  • What intensity? Low ? Moderate? Strong ?
  • What time of day? Am-postprandial post (near the end of my meal)? Do I still have active insulin in my blood? Where are carbohydrates of my last meal?

Every sport is different and can not be managed in the same way. Hence the importance of asking the right questions, and noting his blood sugars, her insulin doses, the amounts of carbohydrates consumed before and during the characteristics of physical activity, to understand, to learn not and not to maximize control of our diabetes.

Insulin management

  • Personally, I prefer physical activities outside postprandial (= away meals and bolus - at least 4 hours) in order to have "than" physical effort to manage, and not, in addition, the influence of insulin and carbohydrate meal.
  • Wearing an insulin pump, I reduce my basal 45-60 minutes before sports programming a temporary basal and for the duration of the activity. For running - training output - 10km / h with no height difference, I drop my basement about 70%. For Zumba, cardio more, I unplug me. For a tennis training is intense but with many pauses anyway, my basal the reduction is only 30%. Unless hypo (<70 mg / ml) I resucre ever before me.
  • An advice that I was given and that I convey to you: Do not disconnect your insulin pump (as long as possible - perso for Zumba is more 'comfort' of not being connected) a flood insulin is needed to better glycemic control.
  • Under multiple injections, away from the meal, we "play" rather on basal (reduced ultra-slow). It is experience that tells us how ...
  • Under multiple injections, do not inject your insulin in the muscles during physical activity
  • Following some intense sports, I watch (and I'm not alone) a post-exercise blood glucose rebound, which earned me one injection unit ultrafast insulin (injection or pump). For Zumba, I accumulate effect 'not connected' + intensity: I know my body absolutely needs this post-exercise insulin unit, otherwise hyper guaranteed!

T1D Stories

Managing diabetes during physical activity is at first quite challengeante but entirely possible. We must know, understand what is happening. Hence the importance to note, at least initially, his blood glucose, its units of insulin, the intensity of the sport, its duration, the carbohydrates consumed .... There are the main theoretical lines, but there are also especially personal practice and his own feedback. And, keep in mind that everything is possible!

To go further, I invite you to read the article Sport: a history of hormone

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