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Psychology in diabetes

Diabetes Community
Delphine, January 08, 2019

Living with diabetes is a bit like an iceberg. There's what we see. And then there's the fact that part of our lives immersed.

Living with diabetes in his bag, is synonymous with insulin injections and blood glucose checks several times a day. Yes. But, unfortunately for us this is not it. It would be best to say we took our dose, and presto! It's all good. Slap, slap, more we talk about it!

Our daily quest: to maintain the 1 g / l physiological. Like tightrope walkers, we go every day tending to control everything around us, as everything plays on blood sugar. From what we eat (quantity and quality of carbohydrates, and dietary associations), hormones (stress, rules ...) through the accidents of life ( "I like to floss and I need a little sprint to catch my bus! and we're devouring all that we find in our pockets to deal with this hypo while the little dej just been swallowed up "or" I got stung, but the time to get everyone around the table, it took 1 hour! ... and there it is hypoooo "unless it is a hyper due to the presentation that we are doing ). And even when you think master everything, eh bah sometimes it does not work because the cath puts it (badly dressed?), A harmless bubble p'tite has made its place in the middle of insulin (and no hop administered insulin) ... or bad luck, it was stung in lipodystrophy (insulin pocket that formed under the skin).

And what's nice with diabetes: is that every day we start !! There's no days off. No RTT or vacation. Or alternating custody. Neither of our colossal diabetes. And sometimes we may feel alone, not even with all that we have to manage daily.

But the train of life ahead. And if we do not want to stay in port, we need to pick up and move too. Do with. To live with. Continue to smile and be positive. Do not complain too much. Take upon oneself.

The key to my freedom is knowledge. Understanding what happens to tame 'the beast'. Learn every day, every experience. Although the truth of a day is not that of tomorrow (see all the parameters that influence blood glucose), there is a basis. There are still (hopefully!) Some logic in all this. And it is to this last that must be tender closer together.

Great courage to us all. Believe in yourself and in the future!

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