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Living with diabetes

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Delphine, May 10, 2014

Living with type1 diabetes is like a tightrope walk without never any rest. It can be really tough. But we should not let diabetes hold us back from living our life.

Living with type1 diabetes is like a tightrope walk without never any rest. Our whole life, all day, all night, every day and each night is about keeping our blood sugar between the lines. It's a full time job with no day off. It can be really tough, and sometimes it would be easier to give up…
But, thanks to knowledge, life experience learnings, support from our peers, type1 community we can do anything with type1. We might just have to plan it a bit more and be self confident.
Here are some helpful pages to help you live with type1 diabetes.

First of all, knowledge is our freedom key.
Understand our body and our diabetes. Understand how they work. Understand the influence of exercices, foods, emotions on blood sugar. Taking note when things go well, and bad. Taking few minutes to understand and learn. It may sound a bit tedious, of course. But, from every life experience we learn and we go forward more confident.

Insulin for life

Before the discovery of insulin in 1921, diabetics were condemned to die. Since its injections, have allowed many people to live. Over the years, insulins have evolved allowing the type 1 diabetic to live, but now to live its own life and achieve anything.
Back on the history of insulin without whom we would not be there.

Traveling with diabetes

Traveling with diabetes is possible. Whether you want to hike in Nepal, spend couple days in a city or enjoy the beach and the sun, planning ahead is the key to a successful trip. Thus, your journey will be safer and more relaxing.
Here are my best travel tips about : traveling with diabetes

Exercices & Diabetes

Exercices ? Yes!
Exercise is an important part of our general health, and helps us to maintain our blood sugar « between the lines ». But, adjusting insulin and food around exercise can be tricky. Type of exercice ? Intensity ? Duration ? Time of the day ? All of those parameters can have effect on our blood sugar.
Here are my best tips about exercices and type1 diabetes. To go further Exercices: a story of hormones

Pregnancy & Diabetes

Having a baby while having type1 diabetes? Yes of course ! Before being type1 diabetic, I am Delphine and a happy Mum ! Being pregnant was an amazing journey !
Here my Story: My most beautiful challenge: my Eliott

Hiking, trekking & backpacking

Good for the body and mind. Trekking to discover unknown territories and the hidden secrets of Nature, meet new cultures, meet new people. Enjoying the wild outdoors with nothing but what we can carry on our back. Trekking the outdoors as a physical and mental challenge.
Diabetes is not a brake to this activity. It is often necessary to lower insulin doses, reduction which is conditioned by the pace, the topography (ups and downs), carbs we have eaten at our last meal, active insulin ... and the altitude.
Here is an article I wrote about Trekking in high altitude and diabetes

What about psychology ?

Living with type1 diabetes is being connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always, and for our whole Life. Most people around us do not have any idea about the huge amount of time and energy we spend to manage our diabetes. While living our daily life as anybody else, a part of our mind is always connected to stay "between the lines": not too low, not too high. Numbers rythm our Life. How many carbs in my meal ? How many units of insulin should I take ? What is my blood sugar ? Should I adjust my insulin flow ? Should I do a bolus ? Should I check again my blood sugar ?
And, sometimes, even if we keep smiling and stay positive, inside us it is loneliness, isolation, sadness, feeling of not being understood. Emotional support plays a key role in diabetes care. Connecting with other people living with diabetes that understand us can make all the difference.
Here is an article about Diabetes & Psychology

Why joining a community ?

Joining a community can help us to face the daily challenges of living with type1 diabetes, as we undertsand each others. Peer-to-peer support helps us to understand better some situation, to feel less alone and to go forward. Being a source of inspiration, community gives a positive synergy. Together, we go further and push our limits.
Check out our programs (T1D Challenge, sport challenges and Adventure Teams), diabetes camps and inspirational messages from our members.
To join our worlwide community, feel free to contact us :

What’s new in science ?

Things are moving in the positie way for us diabetics. We already have the chance to have been born after the discovery of insulin (1921), and be able to live.
Regularly new advances lead us to hope that the most beautiful days remains yet to come. New insulins with kinetics even more physiological (faster / slower), the Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), the closed loop / artificial pancreas, ...

Traveling around the world: our travelogue

Diabetes has been my fellow traveler since 1994. But, I am above all Delphine, an happy Mum, an sportswoman and traveler who loves discovering new horizons and meet people! Share some great moments with family and friends.
Back on some of our trips: India, Nepal, Chile, Mongolia, United States, Australia and our 1-y around the World, and check our World Map.

" True happiness does not depend on any human being, no external object.

It depends only on us
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The WDT association

Welcome on World Diabetes Tour (WDT) website, association 1901 created in 2008 by Delphine Arduini , type 1 diabetic.

WDT is an international community of patients with type 1 diabetes. WDT's mission is to connect, inspire and motivate Type 1 diabetics to live their lives to the full while controlling their diabetes. Of each and every experience we learn. And together, we are stronger!

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T1D Challenges

Programs T1D Challenge are organized by World Diabetes Tour with Sanofi Diabète as partner. Every year since 2013, a new sports challenge (trek of several days) brought together an international team of diabetics type 1 accompanied by an experienced medical staff.

T1D Challenge are human and sporting adventures whose mission is to inspire type 1 diabetics from all over the world.

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World Diabetes Tour offers several stays each year, Adventure Team, whether sporting or not, in France or at the other end of the world.

Living together a great sporting and human adventure, while learning from each other and from each experience to better manage his diabetes.

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« True happiness does not depend on any being, any external object.
It depends only on us »

Dalaï Lama