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Cross of Mont Blanc, Chamonix France

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Delphine, June 30, 2016

The cross of Mont Blanc: a foot race in the mountains facing the majestic Mont Blanc. It goes up, it goes down, but it rises above!

Saturday, June 25, 2016. 6:45. My alarm rings. In 1 hour and 15 minutes, I will start my 3rd CROSS OF THE MONT BLANC.

Yes, I know: it's an alarm clock a little early for a Saturday, and a little short for a 23k race! But I took the party, after much hesitation, to go fasting. Yes, I know: it goes against all good advice of "Nutrition & Sport" and "Nutrition & Diabetes"; but personally to better manage my blood glucose during races I like to have 'only' physical effort to tame, not more active insulin and arrival, faster or slower, the p of carbohydrates 'tit dej. So unlike previous Cross the Mont Blanc (see photo below) and in my Marathon Twin Cities in the USA where I was lifting me 4 hours before the start of the race; I decided to sleep today (Woah!) and from fasting ... I used to do it in training; but this is a first in the race. Must be a first for everything! I reduce my basal still 80% 45min before departure.

The sun shines. Buckets of water are now far away, and my trash bag for protection is in the bin. Mt Blanc, majestic, welcomes us. Glucose 211mg / dl, with a downward arrow: hop half a chocolate cereal bar (= 10 g carbohydrate).

8am. Departure. quiet start at the end of the pack. Small rhythm 9km / h allows us still to go up a few riders. Buckets of water have left traces: the ground is wet and full of large puddles, is avoided on the first few meters, then quickly one understands that our feet are still wet. So much go straight: it's shorter!

12.4k, 523 meters of elevation gain, 3 gels (= 51g of carbs) later we arrive at ravito Tré Champs. On this first portion my blood sugar was maintained between 120 mg / ml and 140 mg / ml. Nickel!

5min break and a glass of coke (= 10g of carbs and few bubbles chirping in the stomach) before attacking the climb. "THE" climb! There it is simple: it goes up, it goes before descending amid the roots and stones all / all wet, then back again and again! To reach the Flégère and 1865m there is "only" but 6.1k + 750m and -250m. We have a good pace that allows us to go back a few riders. My blood sugar is stable to 130mg / dl. The rhythm is less intense, my basement is not smaller than 50% since the Tré Fields vs. 80% upfront.

A Flégère we are welcomed by the storms. My teammate Juju is to count: "1.2.3 Booooom! ". It's raining already for 30 min. We are soaked. Mr Weather was not deceived: bad for us! Ravito Flégère is swept by the cold wind and water buckets. We are advised to hurry and come down. The route B of the Mont Blanc Cross has been activated: it is therefore in Cham 'and no longer Planpraz that we will. I do like my right: a glass of Coke / St Yvoire for sugar and salt (yuck!) And off you go again! I take a few seconds while running to set a temporary basal to 30% for the remaining 45 minutes saw is that the descent. Go Juju: - 800m to the city center of Chamonix! Finally to my third participation, I find it nice to arrive in the valley.

The ground is super mega slippery. The rain is pouring, to be super vigilant. A person comes just before fall: a nice cut to the head, but fortunately she is conscious. Call-out and wait before returning. Belle-help between riders while waiting for rescue. That's also the trail.

25.65k and + 1500m / - 1500m we arrive in the city center of Chamonix!

Very nice hot race at first, then very wet ... My blood sugars were tip top (120 mg / dl and 140 mg / dl max). The experience of previous 2 Cross the Mont Blanc paid in managing my diabetes. It is enriched by every experience! And my glucose sensor ( Measurement of Glucose Continuous ) has helped to control my blood sugar: adjust my basal eat properly and when necessary to anticipate hypoglycemia.
From a physical point of view: nickel! I have not forced at all: the objective was to run with my teammate Juju. It's nice too ... The 4h chrono still waiting!

The Cross of Mont Blanc was also a great success for Marion, diabetic friend of type1, a member of Team Type1 Running Team and the participating French T1D Challenge - Kilimanjaro ascent . For his first Cross, she managed as a manager: 94 mg / dl in the first ravito and an end to 146 mg / dl. Congratulations dear Marion !!!

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