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Twin Cities Marathon, USA

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Delphine, October 04, 2015

The GLOBAL HEROES program Medtronic Foundation celebrated every year since 2006 the passion and the fulfillment of runners enjoying a medical technology (insulin pumps, pacemakers ...). The 25 riders selected throughout the world show that the diagnosis of their condition did not stop the run, to live. "A diagnosis Did not end the run"

Never say "Never"
For some years I turned to the trail (mountain foot race) because I was no longer a big fan running on the road and the call of the mountain and its curves was much more fun for me! And when we spoke of semi-marathon or marathon, I said that "Hmmm ... no. It is po for me! "

But now comes the end of April, the selection of" Global Heroes ", organized by the Medtronic Foundation (being a Medtronic insulin pump and glucose sensor manufacturer).
That's what being a "Global Hero"? Is to continue to live their lives despite the disease. To be selected, we were asked our riders CV certainly, but the selection has been focused on what we were doing every day despite our traveling companion and what we were doing for and with other patients, to to make things happen, to raise awareness in our pathology, inspire other patients.
We were 25 Global Heroes to be selected (over 300 applications): USA, Brazil, France, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Russia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Zambia, Canada , South Africa + our 2 sponsors (Canada, Australia). Representing 17 countries represented.

Marathon des Twin Cities, USA
Global Heroes 2015 - Marathon des Twin Cities USA

We all wear medical devices that allow us to fully live our life. For some, as diabetics, it is an improvement in our daily (insulin pump and glucose sensor). For others, their device allowing them to live ... (pacemaker, for example). Several pathologies were well represented: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neuro diseases, diseases around the gastrointestinal sphere. In short, all areas of Medtronic. Medtronic is a US company, has throughout the world, headquartered in Minneapolis, in the state of Minnesota in the United States. Each year, the Medtronic Foundation selects worldwide patients to come running 10 miles (16k) or the marathon (42.195km = 26,385 Miles) Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St Paul).

I was not motivated there's still a few months to run a marathon. But run as a member of a pretty international team, the "Global Heroes", alongside exceptional people, just as inspiring as each other; I could not dream better for my first marathon.
This beautiful sporting challenge was therefore an opportunity to go to the US wear the colors of Diabetes and France! (Crowing !!) and run my first marathon !!! It was 4 unforgettable days: a great sporting challenge for me was discovering that what 'running a marathon' ... but also a great human adventure, as I LOVE !!!!

Atmosphere side

We were greeted as the "Heroes"; as the Americans know so well done. Positive vibes galore. One could only finish our races! Difficult to compare with other marathons ... saw it was my first. But one thing is sure the atmosphere was GENIIIIIIIIAAAALE !! And pushed me.
People, people, and even people all along the route to cheer us. At first they were all American coffee / muffin. Then around 11, has emerged beer and even champagne! All had nicer words than each other (ahh those Americans, they know we speak, and find the right words of encouragement !! Our "go" even seemed a bit hollow. Posters galore that have occupied us well the first 2 hours like "Chéri hurry nanny costs me $ 10 / hour;" "! Run quickly, the layer of the little is full," "Remember there's four months when you were sign proud to say that you were going to run your marathon. "other more spiritual" If you can not run with your legs going with your heart "or" pain is temporary, but pride is forever. "These -There for once have helped me to 18th miles (29k) when the "wall" hit! children who offered us banana pieces or even lil donuts. Yummy! the music groups. .. runners who came to talk to me because I was labeled "Global Hero" and wanted to know why and how I was there ... So countertop brief about diabetes, its technology and our beautiful country France, and good wine !! And all ran to over 10k / h !! The time went really fast ... And the course was top: starting from the center of Minneapolis in the middle of the iron and steel buildings and in residential neighborhoods of Minneapolis along the lakes, the colors of autumn along the Mississippi before arriving at the foot of the Capitol St Paul ... in short, a great journey !!

Running race side

Super good feeling. Very good pace to 10.5 km / h without suffering to the "wall" in the 18th miles (29k). Big blow soft, then taken to the 19th where there's "Global Heroes" were expected: French flag, encouragement exclusively for Global Heroes. energy and excitement guaranteed ++++ what is rebooster for 7 miles remaining. And 7, it is not much! Psychologically does having counted me seemed miles shorter! Ok the mathematicians tell me that the distance remained the same ... but for me it was shorter. I finished my first marathon in 4h 22min 54sec !!!!

Diabetes race

marathon starting at 8am. So I woke up at 4:30 or 3:30 before departure to avoid having to manage "only" physical effort, and not "active insulin" and the arrival of carbohydrates little dej.

  • Bolus: 25% discount (3 units to 40g of carbohydrates)
  • Basal: reduced 2 hours before the start of the race of 85% (= 0,1u / h). I kept this temporary basal the first 2 hours: I had a rhythm to 10.5 km / h and have drunk only water. The next 2 hours I spent my 50% temporary basal (= 0,3u / h) because pace was slower and I consumed a few grams of carbohydrates (sugar 8g / 4kms).

Blood glucose during the marathon held between 130mg / dL - 150mg / dl

Marathon des Twin Cities, USA
Finisher du Marathon des Twin Cities, Minneapolis USA

Achieved: I enjoyed myself while keeping my blood sugars.

Even if there are days I would spend much of the window my diabetes ... Thanks to him, I have the opportunity to experience stunning beautiful adventures. I'll certainly has the means, and it's a full time job (!!!), but these short-term projects such as the marathon, boosts me even balance my diabetes better, and gives me the pep that sometimes I could not have ...

more or find on our YouTube channel, the film of this great human and sporting adventure of Global Heroes of the Medtronic Foundation: Marathon Twin Cities with my diabetes in my luggage

PS: please to circulate information on the program "Global Heroes" !!! It's a great experience to live beautiful, sporting and human !! Hoping to count very rapidly in the great family of Global Heroes and its alumni Medtronic Foundation - Global Heroes program

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