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T1D Challenge

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Delphine, September 01, 2018

The T1D Challenges are sports challenges that have been held annually since 2013.
They bring together an international team of type 1 diabetics who by taking up a sporting challenge shows that together everything is possible despite type 1 diabetes.


T1D Challenge : the origin

The T1D Challenge's adventure started in November 2012 when Sanofi, believed in one of my craziest dream: taking up a sport challenge with type 1 diabetics from all around the world. I am convince by the importance of team spirit, peers support, having a short-term project to keep undercontrol our diabetes.

In September 2013 (9 months later) we were 12 type1 diabetics from 7 countries at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. It was our first T1D Challenge.

T1D Challenge: the concept

The T1D Challenge project is a sport challenge which brings together an international team of type1 diabetics. Together we face a common challenge and we push our limits beyond Type1 Diabetes.
We learn from this experience and from our peers, we are inspired and are a source of inspiration. This positive synergy help us to go forward : together, anything is possible !

Each team member becomes an ambassador of our program T1D Challenge and of our organization WDT around the World. The national and international congresses of diabetes are many opportunities to share our experiences of patients in extremes conditions.

T1D Challenge: the challenges

T1D Challenge 2013 | Ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

T1D Challenge 2014 | Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru

  • 5-day trek through the Andes (above 4000 m / 13 124 ft), then amazon rainforest to the lost Inca city. 75 kms (47 miles) traveled.
  • Team : 10 type1 diabetics - 8 countries represented: France, Spain, Peru, Canada, USA, Brazil, India, China
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T1D Challenge 2015 | Trek in the White Mountains, Crete

  • 4-day trek along the Libyan Sea and then, in the heart of the White Mountains
  • Team : 11 young type1 diabetics - 11 countries represented: France, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Greece, Canada, Brazil, India + 2 T1D mentors to support and share their personal experiences.
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T1D 2016 Challenge | Trek Hekla, Iceland

  • 5-day trek in Hekla volcano area. 100 kms traveled (63 miles) in the middle of lava fields, geysers, foams ...
  • Team : 10 young people with type1 diabetes - 10 countries represented: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Norway, Israel, USA, South Africa and Brazil + 2 type1 mentors to support and share their personal experiences.
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T1D 2017 Challenge | Sierra Nevada, USA

  • 5-day trek in the lovely Sierra Nevada - California, with one goal : a 4 300m summit (14 100ft), Mount Langley, one of the highest peak of the Sierra
  • Team : 12 young people with type1 diabetes - 8 countries represented: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Tchek Republic, Luxembourg, Canada, and USA + 2 type1 mentors to support and share their personal experiences, Peter & myself.
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T1D Challenge 2018 | Tour du Mont-Blanc

  • 6d- trek around the Mont-Blanc. 3 countries : France, Suisse, Italy with up & downs hills and passes over 2500m.

  • Team of 10 T1D young adults - 10 countries: France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Egypte, Turkey, Brazil, Costa Rica + 2 T1D mentors DT1 (Mike Riddell, a T1D friend who did the 2013 & 2014 T1D Challenge & my self.)

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Check out our T1D Challenge program documentaries on our YouTube channel WorldDiabetesTour
Also our T1D Challenge 2016 in Iceland from the inside: T1D Challenge Iceland by Peter

And fell free to contact us for any question :

Strive for control. Dare to dream.

The WDT association

Welcome on World Diabetes Tour (WDT) website, association 1901 created in 2008 by Delphine Arduini , type 1 diabetic.

WDT is an international community of patients with type 1 diabetes. WDT's mission is to connect, inspire and motivate Type 1 diabetics to live their lives to the full while controlling their diabetes. Of each and every experience we learn. And together, we are stronger!

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T1D Challenges

Programs T1D Challenge are organized by World Diabetes Tour with Sanofi Diabète as partner. Every year since 2013, a new sports challenge (trek of several days) brought together an international team of diabetics type 1 accompanied by an experienced medical staff.

T1D Challenge are human and sporting adventures whose mission is to inspire type 1 diabetics from all over the world.

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World Diabetes Tour offers several stays each year, Adventure Team, whether sporting or not, in France or at the other end of the world.

Living together a great sporting and human adventure, while learning from each other and from each experience to better manage his diabetes.

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