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In the middle of nowhere
Easter Island

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Les Globe-Trotters, November 14, 2009

"Rapa Nui", a land isolated in the middle of the Pacific. Earth World's End.

Iorana Welcome to "Rapa Nui" as they are called Easter Island in Polynesian, the ancestral language here. The first islanders would come from a Polynesian people from the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia) there are about 1500 years. Easter Island named because it was discovered in 1722 by a Dutchman who passed by on the day of Christmas ... (?) ... Easter. Thereafter it succeeded Peruvians, English, French ... and finally Chileans who officially took possession in 1888. Today, Rapa Nui want their independence.

Isolated at the end of the World

A unique island, alone and isolated. The first island is 2000 kms. Chile, the "mother country" today is 3800 kms. A single village. 3500 inhabitants in total. A landing strip that starts a coast of the island and ends in another. One route, usually a track that goes around the island in just 50kms. Some moais of all, a jagged side by the waves of the Pacific, not so peaceful it elsewhere, hills (ancient volcanoes, 70 in total) all green and all eroded in places reminiscent of Ireland ... a beautiful contrast of colors, freedom horses everywhere ... the feeling of being at the Other End of the World, in the middle of nowhere. A mythical island: we know it all and it makes us dream. Its remoteness limit mass tourism (about 20 000 tourists per year). A mystical island Moai contribute to a very spiritual atmosphere around the island (in the city, at the beach, at the edge of the cliffs, on volcanoes). A mysterious island: the death of the main custodians of tradition and knowledge (Maori Rongo Rongo) deported to the late nineteenth century by Peruvian slave traders caused the permanent loss of an entire sector of culture and knowledge of the past of the island. Alphabet Rongo Rongo undeciphered to this day would remove the mystery.

the Moais

The moai are large statues carved into volcanic rock found all around the island (887 in total!). They can reach more than 20 meters high and weighs 160 tons. High for most beachfront, looking towards the interior of the island, these statues personified the founding ancestors of each clan, and protected their descendants. Some of them carry a pukao, a kind of red hat representing hair. Wars in tidal tide, most are today face against the ground; the only ones standing are those who have had the chance to be restored. 95% of the moai are from the career of a volcano on the island (the Rano Raraku). The arrival at this place is fascinating: nearly 400 statues await us on the slopes of the volcano. Planted in the ground, more or less standing unfinished, abandoned during transport, broken. They show that the worship of Moai stopped very suddenly ... The Ministry of Chilean culture recruits. You are tall. You have broad shoulders. You like red hats. You like to be photographed. You have a heart of stone ... You too become Moai Rapa Nui. full-time jobs (24/24, 365 days / year). People do fidgety refrain!

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