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In the land of the rising sun

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Les Globe-Trotters, July 12, 2009

From Tokyo to Osaka via Kyoto and Nara. A journey between tradition and future that we loved!

Konnichiwa! We have "transformed" layover of a few hours in Tokyo's Narita airport ... in 10 days. This is the advantage of long voyages, where we live from day to day and sandstone of our desires. So what of this country where tradition and modernity coexist in everyday life? Here, hundreds of Shinto and Buddhist temples, gardens in Japan, women in kimono, Geishas at a street corner are lost among the cities of the XXI century and their technology. Apart from our nights in the bus, we always slept in ryokans (typical hotel) where at the entry we put the slippers (as in Grandma!) - Color / sex - before going to enjoy our tea on traditional tatami room, all in yukata (dressing gown). While we were fine! We discovered the "collective shower" with giant tub of hot water into the internal onsen. Here, the sliding doors are made of paper, like in the movies. In Tokyo, it's the 43rd floor of a tower in the mood "Lost in Translation" we slept; and the toilet looked like a cockpit! "A healthy mind in a healthy body". It feels, and it shows! On Saturday morning, sitting in a park Osaka, we are stunned by all these young people running, playing ball, tennis when he was barely 8am '(and it's the weekend !). Here, the concept of work = success is present. Many sacrifices are made to work with one goal: success. And it is not rare to find a crowded subway to 23h of people home from work ... and a little spicy som '. "Prevention is better than cure" seems to be one of Japan's currency. This maximum prevention of environment gives a feeling of overprotection, but still nice! The layout for engines disabled and blind is first class, we have much to learn from them !! The slightest obstacle on the sidewalk is hyper reported, with obligatory crossing the street. In France, the same obstacle was "just reported," when in India, there would have been nothing ...

Le Japon Au pays du soleil levant
Kinkaku-ji (Temple du Pavillon d'Or) - Kyoto, Japon
suction power (little pun ... by Christophe!) 130 million that Christophe ... gives you a very clean and tidy country or nothing beyond! Even the trees are passed duster (seen in Kyoto). Soils public places are of clinical cleanliness, we could even eat off the floor! Human power. Very nice people, and very helpful ... a treat !! Here, everything is easy, and if this is not enough, the Japanese are willing to help with a big smile. A young man did not hesitate to give us the protection of his umbrella, and to make a detour ... just for us! Power to the French. The Japanese love the French and France: many stores have French names, even if sometimes it does not make too much sense, such as "Heart Juice" ... (!!), the tricolor flowers on flood packaging made in Japan. Culinary power. Lots of good things to eat, everywhere and all the time! A little hard for our Globetrotter wallet in the long term. In short, 15 days of culinary discovery: the yakitori (skewers) at ramen (noodle soup), through sashimi, sushi and tempura (Japanese specialty cakes which owes its origin to the passage of the Portuguese in the sixteenth century). We tried everything except pikachous !! Japan is the kingdom of beverage vending machines (especially tea). There are more than 6 million in Tokyo alone (not the time you feel thirsty, there are at every street corner!). Finally, it depends for whom, because still have to understand what is hidden in the product and how to start the machine. Water Power. With a volume of water reaching 11 000 tonnes in all, the Osaka aquarium is one of the largest urban aquariums covered World. It was designed on the assumption that everything that happens on the earth influences another (volcanic activity, fauna and flora), and function as a large living organism. 14 giant ponds on the theme of "Ring of Fire" (volcanic zone stretching around the Pacific Ocean) and the "belt of life" (flora and fauna that lives there). In the central basin of the Kaiyukan aquarium (the largest pool in the world) not less than 2 whale sharks 5 meters long evolve from dozens of rays and sharks. Magic ! Well we leave you, we have the Mt Fuji to climb !!

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