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the world of Arabian Nights

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Les Globe-Trotters, April 04, 2009

Rajasthan: land of kings. World of Arabian Nights.

Delhi. We will not extend above since our brief passage consisted only of a taxi crossing, then a 'hike' in Old Delhi to reach the train station for Jaipur.


Jaipur, the Pink City for ocher houses. Our first steps in India. Our first steps of the Tour worlders. We discover our rickshaws to be valuable allies during our tour of India, and South Asia. We discover the perpetual noise, horns, sacred cows in the middle of the road please do not move, even create a plug. We discover the smells of India. We discover the beautiful colors of women's saris. We discover the nods. Touching, annoying sometimes ... It means 'yes' or 'no'? But endearing. Bollyhood is discovered. Yes we know Bollywood; but there we had a film session in the middle of the premises! Hindi film in the "most beautiful cinema in India," where our side some 1,500 other people are agitated, dance, move, speak, eat, go out of the room, while return on a giant screen is projected a film, which indeed we did not understand anything! But the show is much more in the room than on the screen. 3 hours anyway. We discover the crossing of streets. A challenge. On these dirt roads, sand, bitumen a little, not really well-defined mix pedestrians, bicycles, rickshaws, sacred cows, dogs lolling (yes there is nickel!), Buses and trucks of the Tata empire ... and a few elephants!?! All these people claiming to have THE priority! Beautiful knot bag. We discover the history of India, temples, forts.
Rajasthan: le Monde des Mille et Une Nuits
Fort de Mehrangarh, Jodhpur


The local bus is discovered, very local, to reach Jodhpur, the blue city. Blue because many houses are painted blue. The blue indicated that these houses belonged to members of the Brahmin caste (the highest caste of 5 Indian caste; it brings together priests, lawyers, teachers). A Jodhpur at Mehrangarh Fort, one discovers the shooting of a Bollywood film. They look for 'white' to play the English who held the fort and are attacked by Indians. We declined the offer because red british costume did not go with the color of our eyes.


Ranakpur is discovered in a hotel run by the Indian government after being landed in the middle of nowhere for our local bus. By way of welcome, two Indians lit a small candle. A huge book in front of them when we need to write all our information (name, address, email, occupation, where we come from, where we are going ...). Atmosphere "Adams family"! This night will be noted in the annals both colocation with spiders and ants for a meal of rice and chapati candlelight. I do not take the time to describe the bed A Ranakpur, one discovers the Jain temples. Jainism is one of the three great religions of India alongside Buddhism and Hinduism.


In Udaipur, we (re) discovers that the world is small: one finds a globetrotter met a few days earlier far, far away. super Jag Niwas palace is discovered (now the Lake Palace Hotel class hotel) on the Pichola lake that is found in the James Bond Octopussy. It meets a beautiful 4 year old girl at best with which we will play for an hour with our bottle of water. Super beautiful moment of exchange, sharing, simplicity and big smiles. Her mom is a few meters away; it size small stones that she sells.
Rajasthan: le Monde des Mille et Une Nuits
Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur Rajasthan


A Bundi, our last stop in Rajasthan, you can enjoy the tranquility of this charming city by listing all 'photographically' many of the people who love to see on the screen. We continue to revel in Indian cuisine, its tikka masala, its cheese naans (hyperglucidques), its biryanis. Just a few days, but we have all our benchmarks, and we take the time to chat with neighbors of our lovely guesthouse 'Haveli Katkoun'. We leave behind us this beautiful region of Rajasthan to Agra and the Taj Mahal , the symbol of India. Just an overnight train before us ... Incredible India!

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