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Tahiti and Morea
France on the other end of the World

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Les Globe-Trotters, November 10, 2009

P'tit tour France in the Pacific: Welcome in French Polynesia!

It took us just a little hop from 4000 km from New Zealand, with the passage a change of hours, but above change of day and backward! And today, we yesterday. So for us, 2 nights of September 17: one in Auckland (NZ) and Tahiti. This is not top that! Here, we speak French, are French customs (Therefore, no stamps on the passport: we will not even be able to tell it with our passports in the school yard ...). French Polynesia is a former TOM become POM (Overseas Country) which therefore has its own flag. In short, difficult to navigate in there: to lose its Latin ... well his French. If someone has recently made a thesis on the DOM, TOM, POM, pim, pam, pum, enlighten us ... with a big projector !!! So this French Polynesia, what happens?

  • Coral reefs creating beautiful blue lagoons. Gorgeous ! Real postcards!
  • Volcanic landforms and the luxuriance of its vegetation. Coconut and palm trees galore.
  • Mahi mahi (fish) consumed in trailers (huts on wheels) at the roadside. A delight !
In short, it's like we imagine for one detail: one seeks the sun! I sing in the rain (the pun passage Christophe: "Polynésing in the rain") Big fans and connoisseurs of rain (in fact preparing a thesis on the subject), we enjoy the days watered (whatever without alcohol) from Tahiti. The days go by and look. Still wake in the rain and this time we're sure the plane did not land in Polynesia! But where are we? Our first (and last hope) experience of Tsunami. All seemed to be an ordinary day for us Morea: watching the rain fall and others. Suddenly the campsite manager very very quietly announces the arrival of a tsunami in half an hour with a wave of more than 1 meter. There was a large earthquake to Tonga. "And then what do we do? "Nothing a priori ... We, we prefer to prevent because we have in mind the images of the tsunami in Thailand in 2004. Folding bags in 30 seconds (stopwatch in hand), setting up the bags, we leave in locating a hill . Time passes and the reef seems to have played its role ... barrier. In the end nothing to report, and this is the best. The
Tahiti et Morea La France à l'autre bout du Monde
"Pédalthon" to Morea: pedaling for more sousous a penny on us (it happens!). No problem, there is a distributor 2 minutes from home. Except Murphy (still him) awaits us around the corner! The distributor is down. Here we are for rent (credit!) Mountain bikes to go to the nearest distributor ... 35 km away. We suffer some showers that take the opportunity to soak us to the bone. Once reached our goal, we decided not to turn back, but to continue in the same direction (this is the advantage of an island: it is round, and it has but one route) . Here we are to tour the island of Morea in the fleet (it has its charm!). Finally: 70 km bike, some Polynesian francs in his pocket, water galore seals. When one loves, one does not count.

Diabetic Encounters

Our stay in Polynesia was the opportunity to meet diabetics, associations and medical teams. Here Diabetes affects nearly 60% of the population (about 5% of T1D). The remoteness of the islands from each other makes it very difficult to prevent, and the monitoring and treatment of disease. Moreover, having a different health system of ours (as it is a POM), diabetics do not have access to all the treatments that exist today in France (in particular, access to insulin pump and certain insulins). Two little stories for local TVs were shot. A treat us see doubled in Tahitian. Christophe still has reservations about choosing a female voice for dubbing her ;-)

The WDT association

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