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The Taj Mahal in Varanasi

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Les Globe-Trotters, April 09, 2009

The Taj Mahal in Benares. Emblem of India, of Muslim origin in the sacred city of the Hindus. A country whose history is dependent on religion.

6am - Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Here we disembark freshly our night train from Bundi. The first vision we Agra: Taj Mahal, "floating" in its morning fog dew. The show is magical! Like 10,000 other people today, we'll find Taj Mahal, the architectural jewel of Indo-Islamic art. The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built in the sixteenth century by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife. Indian emblem a UNESCO heritage in 1983, the Taj Mahal is yet a Muslim monument (although 80% of Indians are Hindus). India is characterized, in fact, by a wide variety of practices and times; and in the country's history, religion has often played a big role.

Du Taj Mahal à Bénarès
Le Taj Mahal
It's beautiful. It's beautiful. We take full eyes! The beauty of the Taj Mahal is based on a rhythmic combination of solids and voids, shadow and light, heat and cool, straight lines and curves. The white marble of the Taj Mahal contrast with the green gardens, the red mosque on its two sides, the blue sky, the black inscriptions of Arabic characters into finely crafted interwoven mosaic flower inlays made of precious stones of all the colors. A timeless space in which fleet.

Varanasi Branch

Since Agra, we continue our discovery of India by the city of Varanasi (Benares). Nothing special to see, if not all !!! Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world, is the Mecca of Hinduism by the presence of the Ganges, the holiest of 7 rivers of India. Immerse themselves in the Ganges to be washed of their sins, to be purified. For Hindus, it is Shiva, who holds the source of the Ganges in her hair.
Du Taj Mahal à Bénarès
Le principal ghât de Bénarès, le ghât Dashashwamedh un soir de Puja
In the tour program: 1. Open the eyes and revel in these scenes of daily life and fascinating, out of our time. Along the ghats, the stairs that run along the Ganges nearly 7km, people come to pray, wash, cleanse, shave, play, wash clothes, to dry, dyeing, drying cow dung ... watch this show. It also comes to die in Varanasi, a city sacred to Hindus. By being incinerated by the Ganges, we break the cycle of reincarnation and nirvana is accessed. Death is part of everyday life in the city. One can cross funeral processions through the narrow streets heading to the Manikarnika ghat. Accompanied by a brass band, the body of the deceased, wrapped in golden fabric and covered with flowers is brought to the ghat dedicated cremations to be cremated there. His ashes will be poured and then carried by the Ganges. 2. Open ears and enjoy hundreds of decibels: street noise, radio, TV, Hindi pop music, dogs and cries of monkeys who fight, horns, mercantile arrests, sacred songs every night beside the Ganges, call to prayer from the minarets. A noise hodgepodge putting sound to images. 3. Open nostrils and enjoy all these local smells: the cow dung that bloom by the thousands in the streets smells of everyday life exacerbated by hot and humid atmosphere of Benares, through the smell emanating from cremations a few meters. Hard to account for what is happening in Varanasi, this clash of cultures. 24/24, surreal spectacle, a mixture of excitement, sometimes with disgust, but above all wonder. Feeling of living in a parallel world, far, far away from our planet while there. Varanasi is fascinating. Benares is Beautiful. Incredible India!

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