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Trek in the Langtang Valley

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Les Globe-Trotters, April 25, 2009

We left for Tibet, but its border with Nepal remains closed, it is in the valley of Langtang we go. Trek we can do on our own, without a guide or porter, unlike the trek in the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang . After our trek permits issued, our we have embarked on a treasure hunt to the bus station in Kathmandu: find the right bus !! And it was no small matter, because no English sign, person to understand us (despite our efforts to the pronunciation!) ... Here no tourists. 100% local. Our day continued by 10am TATA bus "brand new (understatement!) On an equally new road. We had chosen the best seats (on the bottom and the wheels to better live the road and bumps). And . for more comfort: our backpack of 12 kg bags on our laps Each cm2 is busy (even the chickens have taken up residence) the roof is also used; we still wonder how did we do to do. lose one! 10am bus to 150k (good average!), all in an extremely hot environment without air, dusty and noisy in the background with a "nice" Indian music and strident full. endless mounted ... unless the descents are the worst! leatherette seats, armchairs which made the war files that take history not enter you in the knees ... (go!). in short, a dynamic cinema 10h non stop made by TATA for the modest sum of 2 euros. Our Futuroscope has better behave themselves! Just landed Syafrubesi (1460m) we take the wise decision not to return by the same route. A trek in the Langtang Valley, we add the passage of a collar (Lake Gosaikund 4600m) and part of the Helambu trek will enable us to back down "on foot" to Kathmandu.

Trek dans la vallée du Langtang
Kyanjin Gompa (3860 m) aux pieds du glacier du Langtang

Langtang Valley

The first hours of operation are in a humid subtropical forest, landscape and atmosphere very different from what we have experienced during our trek to the Mustang two days before. Our "natural EPO" of our life at altitude for several weeks that we are "boosted" and leave the way Lama Hotel (2500m), yet today's destination. We continue to advance to the Riverside camp (2770m) where only the Sherpa stop. Atmosphere another very nice world. The top of Langtang top of its 7225m greet us, it's beautiful! From there, the valley widens and is much more alpine, few hours trekking bring us to the village of Langtang (3410m) populated mainly inhabitants of Tibetan origin. Three overtime and are the feet of the Langtang Glacier, Kyanjin Gompa (3860 m), the last inhabited village that serves as summer grazing for herds of yaks. Here we touch the glaciers that descend from the chain of the High Himalayas. The place is very peaceful; the lovely people. Tonight we staying with the cousin of the guesthouse Riverside; free because the trekker is rare, but the consideration is to eat at home. In this beautiful valley of Langtang, we discover that the price of Coca-Cola and Snickers is proportional to altitude, unlike the prices of "beds".

Lake Gosaikund & Trek Helambu

Descent of the Langtang valley to Thulo Syabru (2250m), a little village clinging to the mountain with its terraced crops. Our arrival in the village is hailed by many children. Tonight we sleep in our host's cousin to Kyanjin Gompa. We find the "green" until we go back to Sing Gumpa (3300m) then Gosaikund (4380m) where landscapes, with view on the Langtang again become more alpine. From there it will take us 4 days to reach Kathmandu on foot through forests of pine and rhododendron, and terraced crops. 10 beautiful trek days. very alpine landscapes, some terraced fields, a very lush "down". We regret, however, the lack of authentic villages; these two valleys that live from tourism.

diabetes side

Intense days + food knowledge now on my blood sugar + adjustment to the altitude because trek over 2000m (or more) for nearly five weeks allowed me to have beautiful glucose. To go further: Diabetes, Trek & Elevation PS: Saturday, April 25, 2015 took place a terrible earthquake (7.8) in the beautiful valley of Langtang. Many victims Nepali and foreign. And a shaved Valley map. Nepal is a beautiful country with lovely people. Still smiling despite harsh living conditions. Each meeting marked us. To us, trekker to continue to go to Nepal. Please do not leave them alone.

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