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Trek Mustang,
Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal

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Les Globe-Trotters, May 05, 2009

The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang opened its doors to 17-day trek in the Upper Mustang in the middle of mineral landscapes of great beauty.

Kagbeni. Here we are at the doors of Mustang, a kingdom long isolated because prohibited. Following the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959, many Tibetans fled to Mustang, putting Nepal in a very delicate situation with its larger neighbor, China. The Kingdom of Mustang has long been prohibited, and was reopened in 1992. It keeps this very isolation Tibetan atmosphere. After delivering a great mother a picture taken there 18 months of his granddaughter (during our trek the Annapurna Circuit ), we leave the charming village of Kagbeni and go up the Kali Gandaki, high desert valley with huge cliffs eroded by the wind. The Chele La Pass at 3600m is the first of many passes as we cross during those 2 weeks trek. Our life now rise to over 3600m (up to 4200m). Here is a great desert ocher stones, windswept and occasionally souspoudré snow (even in April!). Between each village, separated by several hours of walking, we passed very many stupa, shorten, monasteries and prayer flags that flutter in the wind. The atmosphere is magical. Feeling alone in the world facing the "watches" Annapurna and Dhaulagiri rising to over 8000 meters, making parties of the highest peaks in the world.

Trek au Mustang, royaume interdit du Népal
Les Annapurnas et leurs 8000m, Népal

"Our very comfortable living French" seems far away. Here it is backwards, but that is a very foolish. We live from day to day, and with the sun. Very long and very good nights in a tent by -5 ° C, a "Wake Up Tea" and a basin of hot water for "Washing Water" as a wake before attacking our long days walking. Of "washing" sessions with local river in the village. At left, Mrs. makes her dishes (careful to get upstream, otherwise risk of grains of rice in socks !! Pas top!). Right, Mr. Horse reveling in the water, looking a bit bemused Nepali these a little white! Here, no trade, no running water, no electricity. The villages are self-sufficient and live off their livestock (sheep and yak - fat cow) and cultures (buckwheat, millet and barley). Our guide manages the party 'meal'; our meals will be very local: dhal bat (lentils and rice), tibetan bread (bread) ... no fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, the tractor, the only 4 wheels of the Kingdom of Mustang, provides a link to the capital Manthang Lo, to the border of Tibet. Very few trekkers crossed (7 in total). But each of our arrival in the village is welcomed by children and a "Namaste" (greeting). Often aback the first minutes, then amused and smiling when we go to the photo shoot. The Kingdom of Mustang is a magical place, authentic we'd like to meet more often!

Trek & Diabetes Management

Very long trek days (from 6 to 12) in this beautiful Kingdom of Mustang earned me much reduced my basal (around 70% or 90%). Besides being long, the days were intense uneven side: + 8900m in total (either !!! Everest!), And the same downhill. As in all my treks above 4000 m, I observed an adaptation phase where the first days I was more prone to hyper. I invite you to read the article Diabetes Trek & Elevation to go further on this topic. But once my body accustomed, no worries. Supply side we ate local: it was fat and carbohydrate (or hyperglycemic - tibean bread), but the physical effort thwarted these contributions. Finally, MAM side (Acute Mountain Sickness) nothing to report.

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